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        • Job Name Graphic Designers
          No. of Hiring 5 Valid until Unlimited
          Education University Degree Gender Female
          Age 20-35 Salary 3000-5000
          Language Unlimited Location Pngxiang


          1, related to arts, graphic design specialty, college degree or above;
          2, good art foundation, good understanding of the creative thinking and ability, understanding customer requirement;
          3, skilled use of design tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash etc.;
          4, understanding of div+css+js webpage layout design;
          5, good communication skills, team cooperation spirit and high sense of responsibility, bearing pressure,innovation spirit, guarantee the quality of work;

        • Job Name Sales Manager
          No. of Hiring 10 Valid until Unlimited
          Education University Degree Gender Unlimited
          Age 20-35 Salary Negotiable
          Language Unlimited Location Pingxiang


          1, good putonghua, cheerful, affinity, good at communicating;
          2, having a customer resources is preferred;
          3, having a ability of market development and mining customer potential demand;
          4, good customer service consciousness, high sense of responsibility.


        Mobile:86-18879983118 Telephone:86-0799-7615768

        Address:Shangbu Zhen Ya Tang Cun, Luxi County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province
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